Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Check out some of our most commonly asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

What exactly is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization refers to a comprehensive digital plan designed to help you rank better in search engines, namely Google. Our job it to put together a blueprint that encompasses a number of digital strategies to move you up the ranks and eventually increase your brand’s visibility to drive as much organic traffic as possible.
What’s the difference between Web Design and Web Development?
Web design strictly refers to the visual layout of your website. While web development is the backend of your site and is the foundation for your site’s infrastructure. This is something that needs to be maintained, while unless you are changing the design, that can typically remain the same.
What’s a Sales Funnel?
Sales funnels are web pages creating for the sole purpose of generating a sale. The page is designed in a way that leads the user in the direction you want them to go, which is always the checkout button.
Can you get me on the first page of Google?
Any reputable SEO agency will never guarantee specific placements or results. Google is constantly evolving their rules and algorithms, and at Codev Media we evolve right along with them. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. We help you build organic traffic for the long-term and only provide white-hat solutions.
Our Services

What We Offer

We provide numerous digital strategies to help with lead generation and conversions. Here are our most popular services that are the foundation for any successful digital marketing plan.

Website Design

It’s one thing to have killer looking graphics. Don’t you also want a design that converts? Our website designs are engineered to do both.

SEO And Advertisement

Can your website be found through search? Our SEO experts will implement a plan to get you ranking, and our PPC ninjas will create campaigns that ensure maximum ROI.

Sales Funnel Design

Need your customers to ‘add to cart?’ Our sales funnel services offer a comprehensive blueprint designed to capture as many leads as possible.

In-depth analysis of your systems

Are you relying on out-of-date platforms? Our team of pros will do a deep dive into your systems and see what’s working and what needs improving.

Optimize your systems for better conversions

Our web development Oklahoma headquarters is ready to get to work to provide web design services that focus on engagement, retention, and most importantly, sales.

Automate your systems to run seamlessly

We’ll help you create an integrated UI/UX experience so all of your systems run flawlessly 24/7.